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Get prepared for the October Dialogue by checking out these Media Resources

For those who prefer mostly Audio and Video Resources to get in gear for the Christian Muslim Dialogue.

To learn about Islam.

The story of the beginnings of Islam. A riveting account. It is three hours long but well worth it.


The chapter 19 of the Qur’an called Mary has parallels to the story of Mary in the Bible. This is a famous reciter.

The whole Qur’an in one English translation.


To learn about Christianity

Though there are some new videos portraying the biblical story of Jesus with the exact words from the Bible, there are Muslim sentiments against viewing a human portrayal of any prophet, of which Jesus is one of the most important. So I am suggesting a dramatized audio version of the life of Jesus starting with the story of Mary and continuing on to what happened after Jesus was no longer with his followers.


This goes on for 24 chapters for the full life of Jesus .


This goes for 28 chapters

The whole Bible online is here. Scroll down to find the book you would like to study. http://www.godweb.org/nrs/index2.htm

If you start this movie at 4 mins mark you will start after Jesus is taken up to heaven and see how the church is established.


This is about 3 hours long.