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Welcome to the website for A Common Word Alberta – Christian Muslim Dialogue.

We as ACWAB address this letter to  you who are part of the Islamic community around the world.
The shooting last Friday has no doubt brought to you and so many others, myself included, significant distress, disappointment, and discouragement to hear unfortunately once again of another example of religious bigotry in the death and injury of numerous believers in New Zealand.
When I heard about this horrible situation, I discovered myself feeling numb, considering the ongoing persecution and terrorizing of people of our various faith communities throughout the world.
Again my sincere condolences as you/we mourn with those lost in this senseless action.
In solidarity,  A Common Word Alberta Committee
Letter penned by Bev Sesink, a committee member.


As Christians and Muslims, we strive to create spaces for gatherings where our faith communities can engage each other in order to overcome stereotypes and embrace our differences. Click here to learn more about us.

Here are some photos from our recent Christian Muslim Dialogue.

A Christian Muslim Dialogue was held in Pakistan also on October 27. Here is a look!

We have a blog! Our most recent post is “Link: Understanding Pope Francis’ outreach to Muslims.

Schedule of gatherings in 2019!
The Book Club meets the second last Tuesday of every month.
The Scriptural reasoning group meets the last Tuesday of every month.  Please contact acommonwordalberta@gmail.com for more info.